The creation of The Saucy Tomato Bloody Mary Mix

          All the truly wonderful things in life are accidents, really.  Diamonds form from compressed carbon, life saving penicillin grows in mold, and Saucy Tomato was created by an overabundance of dirty laundry. 

          I am not one known for my love of laundry, as my family will surely attest.  I do, however, share an affinity for whiskey, vodka and red wine, which led me to wake with an aching head in an overgrown pile of laundry that day.  Refusing to bear the florescent lights of the local laundromat, I took my massive pile next door where a washer/dryer and, hopefully, a cool compress awaited me.  

          I threw in my first of many loads and as the machine grumbled to life I realized it was time to begin again.  The only way I knew to rid myself of this throbbing pain in my temporal lobe was through the reviving nectar of the gods itself, the revitalizing Bloody Mary.  Not much is known of the regenerating power of this mystical drink; we only see the results once it is consumed.  Color returns to the face, the stomach eases its queasiness, and the screaming pain behind your forehead quiets and dulls away.  I knew what I needed, and I needed it fast. 

          With a newfound purpose I raced to the nearest store to find my medicinal magic.  I reached for the first bloody mary mix I saw, (they all look the same to me anyway) and started to look for the many, many ingredients I always need to add to these lackluster mixes.  As my basket grew heavier and heavier it suddenly occurred to me that the mix was no longer needed.  Why, I could create my own delicious ambrosia, suited to my own needs and tastes.  Having been a bartender for over 14 years I had no qualms about using my mixology background to create something new. 

          Five attempts and 19 ingredients later I had finished my laundry and created Saucy Tomato.  Finally there was a mix that didn’t need to be changed, added to, or diluted.  All I needed to do was add ice, vodka, Saucy Tomato and enjoy!  I spread the word to my fellow bartenders, and soon I was sharing my mix.  Saucy Tomato was originally created for hungover bartenders with a higher standard of quality, and now is available to anyone who appreciates an exquisitely crafted Bloody Mary that tastes as good as it looks. 




Saucy Tomato- When it’s time to begin again…